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Bel Canto in the press


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Bel Canto in the press
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Bel Canto Male Choir

A nice write-up about Bel Canto appeared in the Anglophiles section of the Israeli English language newspaper, Ha'aretz. As we're not sure if we're allowed to reproduce it in full, we're simply including the opening paragraph, and a link to the full article on the Ha'aretz website:

The Angloville Chorus
Israel's only secular bel canto choir is back in voice.
By Ulrike Putz, (Ha'aretz, Thursday, March 06, 2003 Adar2 2, 5763)
"Pianissimo" urges the conductor, "and don't rush." The 12 men gathered around the piano break off in the middle of the bar and then set in again. The two tenors, baritone and bass, exercise their range and after 10 minutes or so they join together and the cheery melody of "The Bouquet of Spring" by Vincent d'Indy floats through the room. "Well done!" Conductor Aharon Harlap is finally satisfied and dismisses the singers of the Bel Canto Male Choir for a break...

Click here to see the complete article.