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Joining Bel Canto


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Bel Canto Male Choir

We are always looking for new people interested in joining our choir.

Who Can Join?

You don't need to be proficient in sight reading, although familiarity with musical notation is an advantage. Of course you should be musical, have a good singing voice, and an appreciation of the variety of musical styles that we sing.
Members are asked to pay a modest monthly contribution to cover the total costs of maintaining the Choir.



How Do I Join?

Membership is by audition with our Music Director, Aharon Harlap.
Auditions are generally conducted before one of our weekly rehearsals, by appointment.
Then why not give our honorary secretary, Alan Hercberg a call on:
(02) 655 2772 (work)
(03) 933 4927 (home, NS)